Win-Win-Win Partnership by Using Data for Improved Water Services

Kinara for Youth Evolution’s “Water for Life” project is supported by Innovation for Change (I4C) Africa Hub as one of their We-Account Social Innovation Challenge 2018 grant winners. Our project is implemented at 15 wards in Morogoro Municipality as the second phase of the project in 2021

Data Doubtful to Data Lovers

I have spent five years testing ways to improve civil society’s ability to use data at scale. Through research on best practices and iteration, I have found a method championed by those usually the most difficult to reach: the data doubtful.

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At the end of August, Google security researchers published a report about sustained – at least two years – and indiscriminate campaign to hack iPhones, belonging to visitors of certain websites. It is believed to be the worst hack in iPhone history so far. Affected models included every iPh one 5c to iPhone 10 and operating systems from iOS10 to iOS12.

Speak! Innovations from ivory coast: new ways to connect online

This SPEAK! Campaign in 2019 was coordinated by a Global Team of four persons working with local organisations in different regions across the world. My name is Frederic Adou and as part of the SPEAK! Global Team, I worked from my home in Ivory Coast to directly support 22 organisations in West Africa, Central Africa, Francophone African Countries and the Middle East and North Africa (MENA) region.

One next step

Kinara for Youth Evolution is working with CIVICUS DataShift in collecting data for Sustainable Development Goal (SDG) 16 which stands for Peace, Justice and Strong Institutions. The one next step is the additional seventh step in the workshop guideline and which gave small task to participants to work on after they have participated in the workshop and which do not require external financial support.

SPEAK! 2019 enabler reflection from Tanzania

In just one month, we built a strong network with ten other diverse organizations focused on preparing for each of our SPEAK! events. We began by meeting in person for two days of training. The interactive process of event idea brainstorming, presentation, and feedback created a cohesive action-oriented spirit as equal partners.

Learning advocacy through drama

Kinara for Youth Evolution is working with CIVICUS in collecting missing information under Sustainable Development Goal (SDG) 16 which is Peace, Justice and Strong Institutions. Under this goal, citizens need to have participatory decision making in different matters within their community concerning the development issues.

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